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Our Philosophy

Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your TVTC Membership, and have fun, productive and successful seasons!

  1. Have fun!!! Enjoy the workouts! Make friends. With 3 - 5 coached workouts a week, you have many opportunities to make friends, and become a part of the team!
  2. Attend coached practices as much as possible. Coached practices are the place where we present all the information on form and fitness, and you can ask questions. Also, it is easier and more fun to work out with people!
  3. Set up training patterns early so they are second nature. We have 3 - 5 coached practices a week and all are different. If you cannot attend a coached workout, you can: 1) email the coach leading the workout, 2) complete the previous week's workout, 3) complete an OYO swim from the Weekly Email, or 4) complete a workout in the discipline where you need the most improvement.
  4. Bring a watch to every practice. We do a lot by timing, especially at the beginning of the season, and you'll need the watch to do intervals later in the season. Time is not everything, but it is one measurement of your improvement throughout the season, and helps you work at your own pace.
  5. Go your own pace, and work at your skill level. Remember, every member of the team has different strengths and skills, even each of the coaches. Another beauty of triathlon is that one person may be really fast and have great form in swimming, but is not as good of runner. You may be a great cyclist, but need to work on your swimming. Push yourself at your pace and skill level in each of the disciplines. Early in the season, focus more on the discipline you need the most work.
  6. Modify workouts as needed based on your incoming fitness, race distance, and strengths. For example, if your "A" race is an Olympic distance race, but your cycling skills are strong, feel free to do the longer bike distances through the season. The important thing is do something, swim/bike/run, 6 days a week, and follow the ranges listed on the calendar. If you are newer to training, choose the low end. If you have a good base coming into the season, aim for the high end.
  7. Remember you are only as good as your next practice! Work at your pace and level in each of the disciplines. Doing this will help you enjoy the process, and stave off injury and sickness. The worst thing you can do is workout so hard that you can't do anything the next day, including work! That is the recipe to become sick and injured.
  8. Don't expect to learn everything in one season. Triathlon has a lot of pieces, and there is a lot to learn! Have fun, come to practices, and the skills will come. All of the coaches continue to learn each practice, from seminars, our own training, and from you!
  9. Ask questions! We are here to help you!