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Custom Gear

TVTC sells two types of clothing/gear: 1) special order and 2) on-hand items. All items can be purchased via our shopping portal.

Special Order
  • Items take 5-6 weeks to be delivered once the order has been placed.
  • Items are identified as special order in the item description
  • Orders for special order items are placed 4 times a year per the schedule below

We will place orders about 3-5 times per year. The first one takes place in Februrary. Every subsequent one takes place once people order 10 or more items. This is the required amount before we can place an order with our vendor.

On-Hand Items
  • ´╗┐Items are usually in stock ready for pick up at a practice.
  • Once an order is placed a coach will contact you about picking up your items.
  • On occasion an item may be out of stock. In this situation a coach will contact you about refunding your money, or the timeframe to receive more items in stock.
  • These items can be ordered at any time.
  • Items are identified as on-hand in the item description