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Attend an Information Meeting!

2019 Kick Off and Info Meeting:
When: Saturday, January 26
Time: 9:00 - 10:30 am
Where: Sports Basement
San Ramon

RSVP with Coach Liz at to receive details for the information meeting.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear what TVTC has in store for you!

Join us for a Coached Run before the Information Meeting!

Bring your run shoes, and a change of clothes. The run will start at 7:30 am.

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Steve running during Ironman CDA

Ironman Santa Rosa & Ironman Louisville Training Group 2019

Welcome to the 2019 TVTC Ironman Training Group! Ironman can be a fun and wonderful experience – the training and the race - if you are prepared physically, and mentally. What people don’t expect is the mental drain. We want to help you prepare physically to meet your time and athletic goals, but also enjoy the process.

TVTC has selected 2 races for our 2019 team Ironman events. Ironman Louisville will be our travel event. Join us as we venture across the US to Louisville, KY. This will be an amazing experience that you won't want to miss! Beginning in late January, we will begin to train directly for IM Louisville. We recommend people join our Fall/Winter run program starting October 1.


We have selected Ironman Santa Rosa for those unable to travel to Louisville. Join us as we race in our backyard in Santa Rosa. Our team is no stranger to this area. It will be a great event with many more spectators to support you. For those looking to do this race, we highly recommend you join our Fall/Winter run program starting October 1. As this season completes in late February, we will focus on specific Ironman training.


Our main goals for your Ironman experience are:

  • that after every workout, you feel like you WANT to, and are excited to, get back on the bike again, or run again, or swim again the next day
  • to avoid injury and illness
  • to not expend all your mental energy too early in the training, and lose interest in training later
  • to prepare your body early to withstand higher volumes of load later in the season (Ironman is not, "Ironman long, so you train long," the entire year!)
  • to prepare your body physically to achieve your goals week to week, month to month, and through the race based on your incoming fitness, skills, and experience
  • to train smart. Train hard when necessary, rest when necessary. Train long with focus when necessary, and train shorter with focus when necessary.
  • to complete key workouts, races, and race simulations at each phase of training to practice and prepare for different parts of the race
  • to train phase to phase, race to race
  • to use the time you have available wisely based on your needs and goals

What you get:

  • Monthly training calendar delivered via Training Peaks (open an account)
  • Major milestone supported practices
  • 3-6 coached practices per week, weekly email, and all the perks of TVTC Team Membership
  • 9 months of coached/group based training (training with a group keeps you motivated and focused)
2019 Ironman Event and Phases
Phase IM Santa Rosa IM Louisville
Phase 1: Base: Strength, Form & Readiness n/a Feb - Mar
Phase 2: Build: Strength, Endurance & Speed Oct - Jan Apr - Jun
Phase 3: Race Focus: Preparing directly for Ironman Feb - May Jul - Sep

The Ironman Group will be led by USAT Coaches Liz Elliott, Jesse Schaa and Lael Heinig. Liz completed Ironman Canada in 2007 and again in 2011. On her second go, she PRed in every area of the race, bettering her overall time by 2.5 hours, and a had a super fun day at the race! She completed 2012 Ironman Coeur d'Alene after a tough training season, Ironman Arizona in 2013, and Ironman Cairns in 2014. Liz is the head coach of TVTC, and has coached members to podium spots in Olympic distance triathlons and successful Ironman finishes.

Coach Lael is an accomplished endurance runner and triathlete, and also completed Ironman Florida in 2015 and Ironman Coeur d'Alene in 2012. In 2018, he completed his 3rd Ironman with a smoking time of 11:45:29! He leads the bike and run form and analysis for the team, as well as using technology to better your practice and race performance. Lael provides interesting, safe and fun bike, run and strength training, as well as helping members make multi-sport training year round a part of a well balanced life.

Complete your registration
  1. Set up a Training Peaks account (a basic account will due).
  2. Complete the TVTC Medical Information Form*
  3. Complete the TVTC Liability Waiver*
  4. Complete the Personal Goals Form*
  5. Receive the Welcome to TVTC Email with all the information you want and need to begin a fun, safe, successful experience and triathlon career.

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