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2019 Membership Detailed Information

Coached Practices

TVTC provides three to five coached practices a week, and you can come to any of them! Coached Practices are where we teach and correct fundamentals of form, strength, speed, and endurance in all disciplines, and teach the skills necessary for a fun, safe, successful, long career in endurance athletics and life. We know you cannot make all of the practices in a week, and we don't expect you to. Not even the coaches come to every workout. There are so many so that you can choose the best ones for you.

Remember, you get out what you put in! Make the Saturday workouts a priority, and attend as many of the coached workouts during the week that you can comfortably do on a regular basis.We recommend members set up a pattern of training where you attend two to three practices a week that are convenient, local, and/or work on your area you need the most improvement and/or motivation to complete. Then complete other On Your Own Workouts in the Training Peaks calendar. Consistency is key.

Find the Coached Workout schedule for the next three weeks online at The online calendar has all the latest information on activity, location, time and address for every coached practice.

TVTC members only Facebook page.

The Members Only Facebook page is where members post where and when they are doing their On Your Own or other group workouts. Likewise, this is where you can post and invite your TVTC fellow members to train with you. Coaches also post important club announcements on the FB Members Only Page.

Education Emails

Topics include: Gear - need to have and nice to have; Pacing; Wetsuit Wear and Care; Bricks, what is it? How do I do it?; Hair, feet and skin care. The Education emails are your guide on training, tips, as well as more in depth education and information you will want and need for a successful training season and career in triathlon, and information to keep you training with the least amount of injury and illness, and most amount of education and fun. The "What's Happening with TVTC" section has upcoming special activities, events, and races to keep you in the know!

7 day a week training plan (delivered via Training Peaks)

With your Foundation Membership you also receive the Team Training Calendar with more in depth practice information on what to do. The Team Training Calendar follows the periodization of the Team Events. You will need a basic Training Peaks membership. Your Training Calendar is where we detail the workouts. Training Peaks workouts lay out the detailed On Your Own practices for the entire week, and other training specific info you need to stay on track. Workouts also include detailed swim workouts for all levels of swimmers and how to complete them. the "what to do" and "how to do it". It's the plan. It's the map. Follow the plan.

Advanced Education through group discussions

Group discussions will be equally important as team workouts for engagement and learning. Regular discussions in person, through the dedicated FB page or via Skype will be used to disseminate information and discuss training and racing skills. We anticipate the Performance group will learn from experience and from each other.

Sponsor Discounts

TVTC partners with many industry leaders to make sure you have what you need to make your experience, and not break the bank ;) Make sure to take advantage of all the discounts that come with your TVTC membership. We update all sponsor discounts, including race discounts, as we get them in the Check out what our Sponsors have to offer here Access discount codes and specific offers through your Personal TVTC Account.

Other Discounts

Discounts to additional clinics like Boost Swimming, run coaching and other coaching specials. Plus...Boost Clinics, Shelley, and special coached clinics....