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Private Lessons in Swimming, Biking and Running

If you would like additional and/or individual help with your swimming, biking or running, we offer private and semi-private lessons. We recommend 3-4 lessons for those who are new or those who have little experience with form, fitness, strength, or all three, in the discipline you are wanting to improve.

Bike and Run Lessons

Private bike and run form, strength and skill lessons available year-round. Learn and perfect the fundamentals of proper form on the bike and the run specific to your skill ability. Proper form helps you avoid injuries, and feel better overall on and after a ride or run.

Bike lessons can also focus on comfort or strength, depending on your incoming level. Learn and practice bike handling drills, to help you gain comfort on the road with other cyclists, cars, other street riding factors, and ride hills with confidence. For strength, learn and practice sets and drills to train and strengthen each of the muscle groups to improve your strength and speed on the bike.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are available April through October each year. For swim lessons, we recommend these lessons for athletes with little to no experience in the water or with swimming, those with fear of the water, those wanting to get more specific help with stroke technique in any or all of the strokes, or wanting individual help with open water swims. For your lessons, we provide an in the water, 55 minute lesson, and take home drills and practices. You may purchase one lesson or multiple lessons.

We suggest at least two lessons per student. The first lesson takes time to assess the ability and the comfort level of the swimmer. Depending on the skill and comfort level of the swimmer, the second lesson usually happens a few days or one to two weeks later, after the swimmer has practiced the skills learned in the first lesson on their own. In the second lesson, the coach can evaluate how much information was retained, and go forward from there.

Getting starting with private lessons is easy!

  1. Email Coach Liz at with information on your swimming/biking/running background, goals for private lessons, and 2-3 days and times that work for you.
  2. Purchase your Private Lesson Package with the number of lessons.
  3. Begin your lessons!
Lesson Packages

Private Lessons for Triathletes
Taught by USAT Coach Liz Elliott

One Lesson: $80
Two Lessons: $150
Three Lessons: $220
Four Lessons: $290

  • Must pay for entire package before first lesson.
  • Will send you a video of your initial swim.
  • Run and bike form, strength, and skills lessons available year round.
  • Swim lessons, limited number of lesson slots available at a pool in Dublin. We recommend everyone do at least one pool lesson. Open water swim lessons held at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton.
  • Limited number of lesson slots available. First slots reserved for current TVTC members.