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2018 Kick Off and Info Meeting:
When: Saturday, January 20
Time: 9:30 - 10:30 am
Where: Sports Basement
San Ramon

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High School/Elite Team 2017

Become an elite triathlete with TVTC!
Sami, Morgan, and Kailey at the start of Pacific Grove 2012

We're bringing back the High School Team this year, and added to it our Elite Team, for kids ages 12-14 that are not yet in high school, but have experience and knowledge and talent to do more.

Summer Season Includes 3 coached practices a week, training calendar and coached races by professional triathlon coaches.

This is a competitive group that will be competing in one or more sprint and/or Olympic distance races. Members will be learn how to be safe and perform well and required to:

  • swim in open water, including lakes, rivers, the bay, and ocean
  • bike distances up to 30 miles
  • run up to 6 miles with good form and endurance
  • learn, perform, maintain safe bike handling skills for riding in a group and racing at all times
  • incorporate triathlon skills and concepts such as speed variance, muscle group use, and recovery & adaptation into their training and racing
  • change their own bike tire on a training ride
  • and other skills

To be a member of this group, a candidate must:

  • be between the ages of 12 - 18
  • swim 300 yards without stopping
  • have a road bike, and basic skill level for comfort, safety and performance
  • run 1 mile without stopping
  • have physical, mental and emotional skills to interact with coaches, fellow members, and other officials and people involved with training and racing triathlons
  • demonstrate a desire to learn, train, race and pursue a path in competitive triathlon
  • have a road bike bike helmet (purchased in the last year) that is worn properly at all times on the bike
  • purchase and wear the team kit to all practices and races

These are the basic requirements. Each candidate for the group will be assessed by TVTC coaches, and approved to move into this group.

Members of this team must try out and be approved by TVTC youth coaches.

High School/Elite Team Summer Season

2017 Season begins June 1! Register today!

Season includes:

  • 3 Coached Practices a week
  • 6 day a week Training Calendar with OYO/WAA (on your own/with an adult) workouts that you must do on days you are not with the team at coached practices.
  • Training Calendar delivered through Training Peaks so you can access your calendar anywhere or anytime!
  • Bi-Weekly Email with focus and skills for the week.
  • Coached Races. Please plan to compete, and build it into your schedule. *Please DO NOT register for the event until your child has spoken to a coach. Coaches will help each member decide on an event based on their incoming experience and progression in skills and endurance.
Summer Season: June 1 - August 15 (11 weeks)

Coached Practices:

We will hold two to three Coached Practices per week. One of the practices each week will be our "long day" that may include an open water swim and bike, long bike, practice tri, or other triathlon tasks and skills.

Two Races:
Race 1:

June 25 CIT (California International Triathlon) or CST (California Sprint Triathlon)

Athletes should plan to do either CIT or CST! These races are in right in our backyards at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton. The family doesn't have to travel, and it's a wonderful On Your Way practice race for the season!!!

Race 2:

The season culminates with Santa Cruz sprint or Oly.
August 13, Tri Santa Cruz

Training Calendar

Is delivered through Training Peaks. Register for a FREE Training Peaks account at

The Training Calendar will include a 6-day a week calendar with detailed workouts for On Your Own days when we do not have a scheduled Coached Practice, or you cannot make a Coached Practice and need to do a workout on your own.

After you are registered and paid for the TVTC High School Elite Team, you receive a link from TVTC to link your Training Peaks account to the TVTC Training Peaks account, then you can see the workouts.

Benefits and Cost

Summer season is $349 for the first kid, $300 for the second kid in the family, $200 each for 3 or more kids from same family. No proration. Please plan on attending the entire season, and following the Training Calendar. If you cannot make practice, complete the practice on the training calendar. If you are away for a holiday or a vacation, plan to complete the workouts on the calendar so you are ready for competition.

Other costs include race entry and basic gear. Basic Gear: bike, good pair of running shoes, wetsuit for at least four practices including race day. TVTC has access to discounts and loans through our sponsors and partners. We encourage participants to purchase their own wetsuit, especially if you think you will do more triathlons, more open water swims, or use in the future. The wetsuit, and other gear, can be purchased at a discount rate, or borrowed for certain events when arrangement is made ahead of time, and upon availability.

To start training with TVTC:

  1. Choose your payment option
  2. Complete the TVTC Medical Information Form*
  3. Complete the TVTC Liability Waiver*
  4. Complete the Personal Goals Form*

* Forms will require you to login or register an account with the site. Your forms are connected to your account.